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IT Services and Consulting

“We take our customers forward on their digital journeys. With a clear focus on selected industries, regions and offerings with unique selling propositions, One Point Solutions’ strategy is to be the leading vertically-focused integrated service provider in India.”,  Gain insight into our digitization offering and tap the full potential of digitization – together with us!

One Point Solutions  has executed a focused portfolio transformation which has created a leading IT Services company. In the future, the company will concentrate on the most attractive growth areas in the information technology market. Digitalisation is a top priority for major customers and the market for cloud and data center services will continue to see double-digit growth over the planning period. Data sovereignty and security solutions are at the core of our offering.

We focus on clients. We take pride in our ability to provide quality services whether they are an owner-managed business. We are a multi-skilled, multi-disciplined firm, offering clients a wide range of industry focused business solutions.

We recruit the brightest and the best—whatever their specialization. We combine the dynamism and fluid-thinking of the young graduate, with the business knowledge and insight of the seasoned executive. Investing in our people means our clients get world-class expertise to solve their complex Total IT problems.

Our people are committed to our clients’ success, focused on helping you achieve essential advantage. We are collaborative, yet we challenge conventional assumptions and raise the big questions that need answers. We tell it like it is, bold and unafraid. By doing that, we work with you to develop the practical strategies you need.

We care about your organization and your success. We measure ourselves by our clients’ success and particularly by the impact you achieve in the market.


  • Understand customer requirements and business objectives
  • Provide strategic advice on using technology to achieve goals
  • Design IT systems and networks ensuring the right architecture and functionality
  • Support new technology implementation
  • Train users in new and existing IT systems
  • Provide assistance with technical issues
  • Revise existing systems and suggest improvements
  • meet with clients to determine requirements
  • work with clients to define the scope of a project
  • plan timescales and the resources needed
  • clarify a client’s system specifications, understand their work practices and the nature of their business
  • travel to customer sites
  • liaise with staff at all levels of a client organisation
  • define software, hardware and network requirements
  • analyse IT requirements within companies and give independent and objective advice on the use of IT
  • develop agreed solutions and implement new systems
  • present solutions in written or oral reports
  • help clients with change-management activities
  • purchase systems where appropriate
  • design, test, install and monitor new systems
  • prepare documentation and present progress reports to customers
  • organise training for users and other consultants
  • be involved in sales and support, and where appropriate, maintain contact with client organisations
  • identify potential clients and build and maintain contacts.

Reliable Features

Experts and Staff

Affordable Rates

Benefits With Our Service

Are you looking for professional IT consulting services? We are one of the best IT consulting firms providing Total IT consulting services on variegated advanced technologies to propel businesses to the next generation of IT development.

Cost Optimization

Improve your project’s readiness for support & maintenance and save your time & cost with our pre‑support auditing service.

Digital Transformation

Boost operational efficiency and RoI through process automation, workflows digitization, and enterprise integration.

DevOps Implementation

Our experts set up DevOps environments to streamline update delivery and reinforce the cross-departmental integrity of different businesses.

IT Infrastructure Upgrade

Revitalize your hardware, software, and network resources and cut down on TCO by complete infrastructure virtualization and migration to the cloud.

Service Breakdown Benchmarking

Our software consulting expert gauges your business performance and detects various bottlenecks. They use analysis tools without causing interference with your existing workflows.

Enhanced Productivity

Our IT consultants plan, execute and manage IT systems and get productivity rises.

Accurate Analysis

Our experts do the proper analysis to assess your business performance and discover loopholes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a Total IT Security based company that provides consulting services and installation of security cameras, audio-video equipment and networking at home and businesses

Our systems are reliable, efficient and simple to use, with exceptional customer service and affordable prices. Working to bring you a customized solution for your systems through an inclusion of the top brands that can bring you the best quality.


All our products are purchased directly from the manufacturer.

All products can be serviced under the manufacturers warranty in our service shop or any other authorized repair center.

All authorized dealers receive the proper training/information on all current products to help the customer make an educated decision on the equipment being purchased.


There are often hundreds of workflows in each team and department. These workflows are hidden among different tools and employees. The sign of good workflow management shows when the entire organization is aware of all these workflows.

There’s no pressure to automate each and every workflow, but they should be documented. When the right time comes, you don’t need to dig through a hundred emails and software to adopt automation.

Some workflows are clearly defined and visible, some are not. But you should constantly try to identify these workflows and document them.


Your top priority workflows should be running at their best health. They should be lean, agile, and goal-oriented.

For example, start with customer-facing workflows like sales processes and discount approvals, or employee-centered workflows like hiring and onboarding. These are crucial workflows that have a huge impact on an organization.

There are subsidiary workflows running inside these primary workflows. They should be given the next priority and always be focused on serving their primary workflows. For example, creative request workflows of marketing should be prioritized behind the important sales workflows.


The only way to have highly efficient workflows is through optimization. Your first attempt at building a workflow, no matter how smart and data-driven it is, will still be inefficient. Workflows on paper are perfect and inhuman. Workflows that run in real-time are imperfect and human.

An organization that runs on efficient workflows is equipped to tackle all business goals easily

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