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Alarm System

Importance of Installing a Wireless Home Security Burglar Alarm System

Smart criminals require a smarter, technology-driven security solution to protect what you hold most dear- your home. With rates of burglaries on the rise it is only wise to equip your home and yourself with the best tools to prevent and manage any emergencies.

  1. Home Safety
    The simplest and most important reason you should have a burglar system installed in your home is to ensure that your loved ones and everything that you hold dear is safe from malefactors. The next time you set out for work leaving your young child or elderly parent at home, you will not have to worry about their safety. The various sensors in the security system will detect any unauthorised entry into the house and immediately alert the owners as well as the central monitoring station which will in turn alert the police. Check with your burglar alarm equipment suppliers to know more about the central monitoring system and how it will help you.
  2. Remote Monitoring
    There are different types of burglar alarms some of which come with a feature that allows remote monitoring of the house. You can access the live feeds of the installed cameras on your mobile phone, tablet or computer from outside the house, too. This way, you can keep an eye on the happenings in the house even if you’re out buying groceries or at the theatre. Some home burglar security systems also allow you to remotely lock the entry points such as doors and windows. Read the wireless burglar alarm systems review of the different wireless home security system from Eurovigil and choose the one that best suits your needs. Rest assured, you can get a comprehensive protection system that is robust and cost-effective.
  3. Deterring Crimes
    If you read the home burglar alarm systems reviews from past customers, you will know that merely installing such an alarm system proves to be a deterrent to criminals. These systems come with signs that indicate that this premise is protected using a home security system. This prevents any tragedy from striking in the first place.
  4. Reduced Insurance Costs
    This is a windfall that many are unaware of. If you install a good home security system, your insurance provider will reduce the cost of your insurance premiums as it indicates a reduced risk of robbery.
  5. Boost Property Value
    If ever you consider selling your house, being able to write down “equipped with a robust intruder alarm system” can significantly improve the value of the house. A ‘safe’ house is always on the checklist for any home buyer and knowing that yours fits the bill, will get you a lot of offers on the house.

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Your Security is Our Top Priority
Phone #1: +(91) 9731903339
Phone #2: +(91) 9538787878
Email: sathishmg@1pointsoltuions.co.in